The Compton Pledge provides unconditional, recurring cash to residents of Compton, California. 800 households receive payments for 24 months, making the Compton Pledge one of the largest city-based guaranteed income initiatives in the country. This initiative is led by Office of Mayor Aja Brown, the Compton Community Development Corporation, and the Fund for Guaranteed Income.

Enrollment in the Compton Pledge occurred from January through March of 2021 for eligible Compton residents. Payment frequency and amount for each participants was set based on household size and other factors. Currently, 397 participants receive bimonthly payments, 389 participants receive quarterly payments, and 14 participants receive lump sum payments. Participants receive an average of $450/month.

The pilot was designed and implemented to be representative of the City of Compton and includes groups often excluded from government services.


PARTICIPANTS are the heart of the Compton Pledge


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MODERNIZING cash transfers for scale

We offer a variety of payment methods to lower barriers to accessing funds and provide an option that is convenient for every participant. Payment methods can be changed at any time.


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ADDRESSING the racial wealth gap

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Participants in the Compton Pledge include a number of residents who are unbanked, formerly incarcerated, or undocumented proportionate to the city population as a whole. These groups are historically excluded from social support systems, and the Compton Pledge was intentionally designed to be inclusive and accessible for this reason.



Compton Pledge partnered with Unearth & Empower Communities during their annual Summer Art Camp for kids ages 3 to 6th grade. Each attendee and counselor of the Summer Art Camp had the opportunity to say Why They Love Compton on custom Love Letters provided by the Compton Pledge team. The pride of these participants shined a light on how powerful, special and unique the community truly is.

This dashboard was co-created by the Compton Pledge staff, Compton Pledge Community Advisory Council, participants, and Compton residents. The Compton Pledge is philanthropically funded, and no taxpayer dollars are being used to support the initiative. Residents were selected through an independent lottery process.